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Intoyz SIG Weapon Set

by C.Martin



One of the first things I noticed about this set was all the extra magazines. 6 magazines for 2 rifles. Pretty Good. And, all six can be clipped together.



A pretty good deal- you get the rifle (with scope), sling, extra magazines, and a cheek rest for precision shooting.

Here's the shorter 550 fully tricked out.

Both rifles have folding stocks.


And, both rifles have working safeties.


As well as working bolts.



The longer-barreled 550 goes one step further, including working, folding bipod legs.

I just couldn't resist and had to experiment with the full array of magazines....

-is it just me, or is the barrel bent?





Another nice surprise was the SIG P226. Equipped with an extra removable magazine, it is highly detailed and even has a working trigger- that releases the cockable hammer, like on the Intoyz Colt M1911.


The SIG P90 was the best surprise in he package though. Kinda small for photographs, the pistol also has removable magazines, and has a working slide!

Nice detail painting on the barrel.



Like all Intoyz products I've seen so far, I really liked the detailing on these weapons. I appreciated the extra magazines- even though I don't have any figures with opening pouches to put them in.

However, like Dragon and TUS, Intoyz products are a little on the fragile side. While removing the shorter-barreled 550 from the package, I accidentally mashed a small sling-ring near the stock.

Also, the scopes for both rifles came off- possibly intentional, more likely not, but easily repaired with a dab of superglue (to prevent the scopes from falling off).

The SIGs are nicely detailed, but not necessarily precision made. A lot of parts were very loose. The magazines had a tendency to fall out of the rifles, and the clip-on cheek rests for the stocks didn't exactly "clip" on, also having a tendency to fall off.


Yes. Unlike the Colt Weapon Set #1, this set was better than I had anticipated. For MSR of $11.00, you get 2 rifles for your snipers, and great main and backup sidearms for a 1:6 Law Enforcement Officer.


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