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Intoyz Colt Weapon Set #1


I ordered this set on-line, from Toymaniacs. Purchase price: $10.00 plus about $6.00 shipping.

The order was placed on a wednesday, and came the following Tuesday...

I was very excited to get this package open- I had been envisioning the M1911 in several photos with the slide cocked back. It looked a lot like the TUS M1911 while still in the package. And the magazines seemed curiously short...

Once I got the pistol free of the packaging, I immediately discovered the slide does not move back and forth. The hammer cocks back and is released by the trigger. They gove you one extra maagazine. But the slide still doesn't move...

I'm not really sure why you would want to have a cocking hammer... although I recently heard Intoyz' figures will have movable thumbs. That might make for a neat pose. And what's with these magazines? Why are they so short?


Okay, so I wasn't happy with the M1911. There were still three more guns in the package...

The wheel-gun is a pretty cool piece, and makes up for the M1911's short comings. The detail is comparable to a TUS revolver....

And I really like the swing out cylinder and speedloader. I'm envisioning a custom holster and harness that will have the speed loader in a pouch under one arm, the Colt under the other. Not to mention the cool poses you could do...

So far, so good. A passable M1911, and a nice revolver. And two rifles left to go!

First up- the M-16, with triangular, Vietnam-era foregrip...

I particularly like the opening dust cover over the bolt. The charging handle (behind the carry handle) actually moves back and forth (spring-loaded) and the trigger moves.

Like TUS and Dragon, the Intoyz M-16 has a removable magazine, with painted rounds (isn't red for tracers? why would you want two tracers in a row?). From this angle, you get a better view of the foreward assist handle, making this an M-16A1 variant. (The foreward assist is used to help in clearing malfunction, basically kicking rounds that don't fully chamber in the rear, to aid in chambering). The foreward grip also shows more detail than usual. About the only detail really missing here is the swing down trigger guard.

Not one of my better pictures, but here you can see all the great detail on the muzzle flash suppressor. Note it's the older type (later models have an open-ended suppressor that can be used to cut wire fences). I guess if Intoyz makes any bayonets, they'll attach just like TUS and Dragon '16s.

By this point, I was feeling better about my purchase. I had forgotten all my dissapointment in the M1911...

Not only does Intoyz make a lot of really nice little moving parts, but they even give you a spare magazine with each rifle!

Did I forget to mention that in addition to the moving charging handle, trigger and dust cover, the fire selector moves?

And, like TUS' M-4s, the XM177 has a collapsing stock.

And the XM has the same style flash suppressor as the M-16A1. Very nicely detailed.


I really liked the overall detailing on these weapons. I approeciated the extra magazines- even though I don't have any figures with opening pouches to put them in. I like the sling mounts a lot better than the TUS slings. However, I ordered this set thinking the M1911's slide moved. I think that $10.00 is a fair price for this set- I'm still not happy with the $6.00 shipping/handling fee.


Grudgingly, I'll have to say that I would. My only real gripes are nitpicks (wrong colored tracers, no bayonet, M1911 magazines too short).

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