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(from the film Predator )

by C.Martin


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He's big, he's bad- he's the Governor of Minnesota!

You bought the action figure, you loved the movie Predator and now you've got your grubby mitts on an Intoyz mini-gun. What do you do? LET OLE PAINLESS OUT OF THE BAG, er, box.


Kit-bashed Blain:

What you need:

Jesse Ventura action figure

BDU battle dress uniform

Jungle Boots


2 Web-belt LBEs

Backpack frame (I used a Hasbro frame)

Backpack frame straps

1 21st M1919 ammo can (or other suitable size can)

Large survival knife

2 Vietnam-era M-16 ammo pouches

1 Vietnam-era canteen

1 sidearm (unsure what model was used in the film, I opted for a 21st Beretta 92F)

1 Shoulder-holster harness/rig

Suitable hat (I used a Boonie, but Jesse appears to wear a camo'd cowboy hat in the film)

1 custom MTV, black t-shirt

several large paperclips

pair of hooked needle-nose pliers

pair of regular needle-nose pliers

black permanent marker

needle and thread


First, you have to outfit Blain. In the film, he wears BDUs, with jungle boots, and a Black, sleeveless t-shirt with "MTV" on the front. (I'd suggest using iron-on transfer paper with a black t-shirt; I don't have the shirts to spare myself, so I skipped this part)

Blain doesn't just carry a Mini-gun. He also has a pistol in a holster under his left armpit. I used some black plether, cutting a long, 1/4-inch wide strip, then sewing it so it made a sort of figure-8, through which Jesse's arms go. The straps cross in the back, and I then sewed a custom black plether holster onto the strap, holding a SOTW Beretta 92F.


Next, his webgear. Jesse wears a webbelt, supported by LBE, with a knife taped to the left LBE strap. I chose a 21st knife and sewed it to the LBE, then used a permanent marker to color the brown sheath Black.

With the backpack frame, you need to attach an ammo can for the mini-gun's (imaginary) belted rounds. I found the 21st M1919 to be the perfect size. I attached it to the frame with the carry straps from 21st AT4s. However, it's very loose, requiring constant cinching, so I may glue it in place and keep the straps just for show. You also have to cut a notch or rectangular opening in the ammo can's lid for the ammo belt to feed into.

I then took a 21st Vietnam-era backpack and cut off the shoulder straps, then sewed them onto the backpack frame. This holds the pack on really good, and is apparently the method used in the film.

Finally to support the mini-gun while it is being carried, take some LBEs, remove the back strap, then fasten the front straps to the carry handle on the Mini. This forms a crude type of strap around Blain's neck, and again, is apparently how they did it in the film. I formed the rings and hooks for the strap's ends by using paperclips, bent into shape with the needle-nosed pliers. Makes for a quick release.


For the hat, all I had available was a 21st Century boonie hat. Jesse actually wears a cowboy hat of camouflage cloth, with a snakeskin band. If I find the right hat, I'll color it camo, then print off a strip of photo paper to resemble snake skin, then glue it in place. Maybe the Pygmy gorilla Joe's hat? (Jesse's is pinned up on the left side)


If you're a nitpicker, you might want to include an MP-5 for Jesse to carry- as he has one in some scene of the film.